Blockchain analytics are key to securing cryptocurrency operations. Monitor transactions in real-time, assess risk, investigate, gather actionable intelligence. Blockchain analytics are the first and last line of defense against fraud and bad actors.

Chainalysis is not your only option.

Blockchain Intelligence Group has secure, open-source blockchain analytics to solve complex crypto risk and compliance for banks, fintechs, VASPs and MSBs.

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What you will get

Conduct multi-search up to 20,000 addresses/transactions in one click with our built-in List Import Search & Multi Search tools.

Upgrade your tracking & searching ability in a super-friendly way, using a wide range of adjustable graph and option settings that BIG offer.


using BIG’s Advanced Printing/Export options for multiple layouts and granular visual adjustments.

Instead enjoy BIG’s Block Explore with real-time based risk-scoring algorithms.

No worries, BIG provides you ‘Follow Money Forward’ function enabling you to track 300,000+ ERC20 tokens.

BIG’s Compliance Suite visualizes not only cluster-to-cluster transactions but also wallet-to-wallet transactions.

BIG offers full support at no additional charges until you are comfortable with our Compliance Suit platform.


Track and Trace Illict Activity Involving Crypto

QLUE™ is advanced crypto investigation visualization and evidence collection for compliance, AML, fraud prevention and law enforcement. QLUE™ is used by Fortune 500 banks and dozens of law enforcement organizations globally.

QLUE™ is available in English, French, Japanese and Mandarin. It can also be set to display all Fiat Values in either USD, CAD, JPY, or EUR.

Automate Crypto
Risk Monitoring

BitRank Verified® is a blockchain intelligence software that provides fast, easy, and accurate real-time monitoring and scoring of transactions and wallets to stop transactions with bad actors and sanctioned entities. 

Cryptocurrency exchanges, ATMs, crypto custodians, and others around the world use our powerful software to accelerate business performance and do away with cumbersome compliance methods, creating a safe and compliant environment to avoid regulators’ costly audits.

90 - 100
Excellent 100
80 - 89
Good 89
70 - 79
60 - 69
40 - 59
Low Risk59
20 - 39
Medium Risk39
0 - 19
High Risk 19

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